Syn M. Aponte, the crown princess of Nova and one of the side character in Hero's Fate series.


Syn is a 17 year old female human that stands at 5`7 and weighs 180 lbs.

Syn wears a white leather jacket that has only one button to open and close with. She also wears a pair of tights that are black with white line among the side. Her go to shoes are high heel shoes that are black. Syn has long black hair that she usually ties in a ponytail. If let down it goes halfway down her back. Syn also wears a pair of gold earrings and a gold necklace. Her necklace spells her name out in cursive.


Syn is a self-confident, independent and mature young woman. She is very antisocial but often is giving advice to her younger sister and helping her with school work.

Syn has alot of respect for herself and always dresses with care. There's never a time when Syn is not dressed appropriate.  She also has the tendency to criticize others based on their looks and abilities.




(Same background as Abigail, her sister)


  • Syn’s favorite food is pancakes with maple syrup while her favorite drink is orange juice,
  • Syn has a few hobbies such as shopping for jewelry and cooking for her and her sister.
  • Syn enjoys making dinner for her and her sister.
  • Syn loves rock music and constantly plays it on her ipod much to Timothy’s annoyment.
  • Syn was the first character the creator of the show created but the last to be truly done.
  • According to Abigail, Syn is very intelligent and understanding.
  • According to Abigail, Syn uses alot of hair gel to her hair to stay down while she brushes it.
  • According to Timothy, Syn can write some killer hits but her ability to sing and play instruments are poor.
  • Syn has a secret fondness of teddy bears.


"You guys are complete idiots! I feel so sorry for you”

“Honestly I hate girls like you! You dress like sluts and show so much skin!”

“I’m surprised you’re not pregnant yet?”

“I hate boys!”

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